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Didn’t Think You Needed To Have a Plant Inside Your Home? Think Again!

Have you ever heard the term “Technostress”? If you haven’t, I’m sure you’ve been experiencing it for the past few years. With our world becoming primarily digital, there is an endless amount of technology pulling our attention from every angle, resulting in psychological stress (as if our lives don’t have enough already!).


Due to modern humans’ transition into indoor spaces, our regular interactions with the outside world have become almost non-existent, and indoor plants have been proven to relieve this physiological stress and negative psychological symptoms experienced from being contained indoors (Lee et al. 2015).


That means we give you permission to go out and buy enough plants to create an indoor jungle. Don’t worry about the approval of others; you have ours!


We saved you the hassle of having to read a scientific journal and summarized it for you in a few key points.

Three different hidden benefits of having indoor plants

 1. They enhance job satisfaction for office workers. ⭐

That’s right! If you hate your job, add a plant, and the problem is solved! Not exactly… but it may help boost your productivity.

 2. They improve your mood state. 😎

If you’re a bit of a Grinch and you know it, some green in your life will help you break free from that negative mood. We’re sure your co-workers would appreciate it.

 3. Enhances Cognitive health. 🧠

This refers to your ability to think clearly, remember and learn. If you have difficulty focusing and can’t seem to shake that brain fog that’s been lingering around, it might be time for a plant to keep you company. The moral of the story, place an arsenal of plants in your workspace, and you’ll be smarter and more attentive than you were yesterday.

If you’re looking for some assistance caring for your plants, get in touch! You can also follow our social media pages for some tips and tricks.

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