Why Buy Fertilizer This Spring When You Can Use This Instead…?

Compost Tea… the hidden secret that has been kept from you for your entire life, and the great thing about it is it’s free to make (and who doesn’t love free stuff)! If you have been looking for another solution to your garden and lawn trouble than simply using the common bagged fertilizer at your local hardware store, this compost tea recipe is the alternative you’ve been craving.

What You’ll Need 
  • 1L Compost Soil (Fully Biodegraded Soil, typically from the bottom of your compost bin)
  • 5L of water
  • One Nylon Stocking
  • One 5-gallon Bucket or Large Container
Preparation & Application 
1. Take 1L of the compost and place it into the nylon stocking.
2. Place the nylon stocking filled with the compost soil into your 5-gallon bucket or large container and allow the components to soak in the water for 5 days.
3. If you’re sensitive to the smell (just a heads up, it’s not a pleasant one), you can add eucalyptus or rosemary oil to the solution.
4. After the 5-day soaking period has finished, you can remove the nylon stocking with the soil and place the solution into a watering can or a hose-end sprayer.

Garden or Houseplant Application

  • *If you’re applying the compost tea to your garden or other house plants, be careful not to apply the solution on the leaves of the plant as it’s very concentrated and could damage the surface of the leaf! *
  • Apply a similar volume of compost tea as you would if you were watering the plant regularly.
  • Apply once a month, or every 3 weeks if the weather conditions have been especially wet.

Lawn Application

  • When applying to your lawn, we recommend using a hose-end sprayer so you can evenly distribute the solution.
  • Spray the entire 5 L solution across the entire surface of the lawn once a month.

We hope this compost tea recipe can help solve your troubles this spring and fill the missing link that your lawn and garden desperately needed. Mention us on our social media outlets to show us what your compost tea looks like! Just make sure not to drink it…!

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