Turf Maize Liquid Corn Gluten 250 Gal

Turf Maize liquid corn gluten concentrate is truly a plant-based product. The ingredients are protein powered nutrients which gives applicators a sprayable method to fertilize & thicken lawns to keep out weeds. Corn gluten is a by-product of starch production, a renewable & environmentally conscious resource. EFI liquid corn gluten is treated with a proprietary mix of enzymes & concentrated for the ultimate corn gluten power designed for personal & professional use with all the benefits of corn gluten meal, in sprayable form.

Do not apply to newly seeded lawns or gardens as seed germination may be affected.

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Target Pests

Weed Control


250-gallon tote


Mix ratio 3 parts water to one-part gluten will give approx. coverage of 1/4 gallon to 1000 Square feet

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