benefits of spring lawn care

Three Facts You Didn’t Know About Spring Lawn Care

Spring is coming up fast whether you like it or not, and although you won’t admit that you want your lawn to look better than your neighbours (who somehow ALWAYS seems to have that perfect, luscious, and clean-cut grass), we know you secretly do. We’ve all been there.


The difference between a good lawn and that jaw-dropping greenery that looks so perfect you want to lie down and take a nap in is preparation.

Today we’ll present a few spring lawn care tips and tricks that will give you the edge over your competition. That’s right, it’s now a competition.

1. Sprinkle some salt

When you’re pulling those pesky weeds from your lawn at the beginning of spring, sprinkling some salt into the holes where the weed was originally will prevent weeds from sprouting in that same area. You might look a little odd carrying the saltshaker around in the backyard… but don’t worry, it’s part of the plan!

2. Walking on your lawn too early

After the dreadfully long winter (that just never seemed to end) finally passes, the last thing you want to do is trample your lawn when the snow melts. Withhold your desire to frolic through your sad-looking lawn and allow for the soil to dry. To speed up this process, aerating your lawn will allow for the built-up moisture to evaporate from the soil quicker.

3. Cut your grass the correct height

Don’t be afraid to adjust the blade height on your lawnmower and give it that long-overdue tune-up you’ve been saying you would do the last three years. The ideal height to cut your grass is between 2 ¾ – 3 inches. Cutting it any shorter makes it susceptible to disease, insects, drought, and weeds! Taller grass means it stays moist longer, shades out weed seeds from germinating, and prevents insects from laying eggs.


Don’t be alarmed if your neighbours start asking for your spring lawn care secrets. Just be prepared, you might have to do a little more small talk with them than you’re used to.


If you’re looking for some assistance caring for your plants, get in touch! You can also follow our social media pages for some tips and tricks. 

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