NemaKnights Biological Slug Control

Having problems with snails and slugs in your garden and surrounding property? 

Control snail and slug populations and keep yourself safe from rat lungworm disease (click here to learn more). Simply flip open the cap, shake the pearls into the infested region, and spray with water!

Traditional nematode formulations have been a successful but limited biocontrol for over 2 decades. NemaKnightsTM is the next generation. 


  • Based on encapsulated P.Hermaphrodita nematodes
  • 6-month stable shelf life
  • Pet friendly
  • Extended slow release to control slug & snail pests
  • Easy application; simply flip lid and shake in the infested area
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Exclusive organic formation.
  • 100% Pesticide free

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Target Pests

Common garden slugs

Common garden snails



280 g (~10 oz.)



Treats up to 40 m2; ~430 ft2



Not available in North America

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