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Nemaglobe Ant Attack


Ant troubles in your home and surrounding property? It might be time to take control of the anthills. 

Control the number of ants which make their way into your home and reduce the number of anthills that sprout up on your grass, sidewalks, and interlock by simply using the Nemaglobe Ant Attack product!

Nemaglobe Ant Attack contains ~10 million encapsulated nematodes in a proprietary gel formulation. This product repels adult ants and controls ant larvae in the nest.


  • Based on gel encapsulated S.feltiae
  • 6-month stable shelf life
  • Fast release to repel adult ants and control ant larvae in the nest
  • Easy application; preferably use Nemaglobe Hose End Sprayer or watering can
  • Developed for outdoor usage
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • 100% Pesticide free

Target Pests

Common Black Ants





Spot Treatment



10 Million Beneficial Nematodes

1 pouch



90 m2 ; 1,000 ft2



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Additional Information

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