Green-it Lawn in a Box


Step-by-step, organic feeding kit program for lawns. No synthetic fertilizers to harm soil life, to cause rapid disease-prone growth. Organic formulas work to nurture healthy growth and support the soil ecosystem. Easy to apply. Attach the pre-mixed bottle to the garden hose and spray. Includes liquid corn gluten fertilizer for spring and fall, and fish fertilizer for summer


Target Pests/Usage

Fertilizing program



Up  to 360 m2  ; 4,000 ft2



  • An easy, do-it-yourself way to feed lawns organically
  • Convenient, pre-mixed bottles attach to a hose and fertilize up to 4,000 square feet
  • Complete spring through fall fertilizer
  • Spring and fall formulas are a sprayable liquid corn gluten-based fertilizer
  • Summer formula is a fish/seaweed fertilizer formulation
  • Includes pH test kit, lawn care guide and weeding tool
  • 100% pesticide free


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