Organic Lawn in a Box

Step-by-step, organic feeding kit program for lawns. No synthetic fertilizers to harm soil life, to cause rapid disease-prone growth. Organic formulas work to nurture healthy growth and support the soil ecosystem. Easy to apply. Attach the pre-mixed bottle to the garden hose and spray. Includes liquid corn gluten fertilizer for spring and fall, and fish fertilizer for summer.

Nema-Globe Grub Busters

How to use Nematodes

Nemaglobe Grub Busters are the immediate solution for white grubs in lawns and gardens. Learn how to apply your Nemaglobe nematodes with the Environmental Factor pre-calibrated nematode sprayer. It’s the easy and effective solution to treat for common soil insect pests in your yard.

Rain Drops

Moisture Retention Crystals

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