NemaGlobe Ant Attack

How To Use

The Nema Globe biological ant control is encapsulated in a gel formulation. The product repels adult ants and kills ant larvae in the nest.

  • Based on gel enclosed Steinernema feltiae
  • 6-month stable shelf life
  • Fast release to control of larval soil pests
  • Easy application; preferably use Nema Globe Hose End Sprayer or watering can
  • Use outdoors
  • Primary use for spot treatment
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Insect pest management tool
  • 100% pesticide free

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Target Pests

Spot treat common Black Ants

Spot treat leatherjackets

Spot treat thrips



90 m2 ; 1,000 ft2


10 Million Beneficial Nematodes

1 pouch

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