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My Lawn Looks Awful…So What Now?

So now that winter has passed, and all of the snow has melted, you come out to see the condition that your lawn is in… and it looks like a worn-out area rug you found in your grandparent’s basement. You try to make yourself feel better by saying that it will come back to life over time and naturally restore itself, but let’s get real, it needs to be resurrected.

What should you be looking for, you ask? There're three main problems commonly seen in the early portions of May

  • Vole Damage: You will see mounds of dirt and lines of raised soil/grass on your lawn. Voles feed on grubs, meaning if your lawn shows these symptoms, you most likely have a grub issue.


  • Grub Damage: This goes with the vole damage as well, although you can have grub damage without voles being present. You will commonly see dried areas of your lawn looking as if the grass is begging for water.
Another quick method to determine if your lawn has been directly affected by grubs is to go to the area with a yellow/dry appearance and try peeling up the grass. If the grass easily peels up, then the grubs have eaten away at your grass roots. If you lift the grass and notice approximately 10 grubs per 12 inches squared, you have an infestation.
  • Animals Digging: If you notice birds, rodents, and other animals constantly digging up areas of your lawn, these critters are looking for a source of food. Guess what? That food source is grubs.

How Do I Fix The Problem…?

The most effective way to remove grubs is to handle the problem in a step-by-step manner.
  • Evenly spread diatomaceous earth around the lawn. The grubs are repelled by the product (which is the skeletal remains of algae ground into razor-sharp, minute particles). It’s harmless to earthworms, birds, and other critters, but it will repel the surface-feeding grubs.
  • Remove the damaged grass and replace it with fresh triple mix soil.
  • Lay plenty of grass seeds that contain endophytes. Endophytes are natural fungus that grows in between plant cells and provides protection from insects. 
  • Lastly, apply nematodes to eliminate the grub problem at its source. You can use our patented NemaGlobe Grub Buster product to do that job for you.

Don’t feel embarrassed, everyone needs a little assistance with lawn care, and we’re here to lend a helping hand! Please tune in to our upcoming blogs to see what additional steps you’ll need to take to ensure your lawn stays fresh all summer long!

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