Lawn Preparation 101: Pull Yourself Together

For all the homeowners that are out there constantly procrastinating and putting off projects such as fixing that rotting deck, sealing that leaking eavestrough, or simply emptying the dishwasher, we’re looking at you! Yes, those elite procrastinators who are very good at their craft, although they don’t realize that these issues never fix themselves, and ALWAYS end up worse than it was before. Generally, this group is most susceptible to getting overexcited about spring and tends to forget about all those small projects that have been neglected for the past 3 years (or more…).


Instead of rushing to the local hardware store and buying tons of unnecessary items, take some time to explore your backyard and gain some perspective on what unfinished projects are still lingering from the fall that you told yourself you would do in the spring. One task we recommend you complete immediately is the removal of rotting wood, whether that is on your home, deck, porch, etc. The presence of rotting wood is a sign that there is potential for an earwig infestation. These insects thrive off woody material, especially if it’s moist. Replacement of this wood prevents further damage as well as the prevention of these insects ending up in your home.


Another project that we recommend you prioritize is levelling any major depressions on your lawn. These depressions are usually very noticeable to the human eye, but if you’re having difficulty seeing them, you can walk on your lawn and mark any regions where you feel your foot drop. Lifting the grass in these areas, adding some additional soil, and levelling it will give your lawn a satisfying appearance after being freshly cut.


We know it’s tough to change these procrastination habits that you’ve worked so hard at keeping around, but trust us, you’ll thank us later. Oh, and I’m sure the rest of the family will appreciate your hard work too!

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