Nema-globe nematodes can be used any time the insect is in a larval stage, i.e. in soil.

Temperatures need to be between 50 OF to 90 O F, 10°C to 32° C for the nematodes to be able to kill a soil pest


Grubs: Spring & Late Summer – early Fall

Fungus Gnats: Indoors – all year round

Flea & Tick: Year-round depending on the region

Ants: When adults are active, generally mid-March to November


  • Timing of application vanes by geographic region.


Hose end sprayer:

Our pre-calibrated non-clog Nema Globe Hose End sprayer is the preferred way to distribute the nematodes.  Most other common lawn and garden sprayers on the market will also work but may need to be adjusted. Simply add the bio-pouch containing the nematodes directly into the sprayer, add water to fill line mix, stir or shake, to release nematodes from the bio-pouch and you are ready to go.



Watering Can:

For small areas, like a vegetable garden, apply with a watering can by dropping the bio-pouch into the vessel, add water and mix well to release nematodes from the bio-pouch, then simply pour..

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