Top 5 Benefits Of Gardening

Many people enjoy gardening for different reasons. While some people like creating their own harvest of fruits or vegetables, others might enjoy gardening because it keeps them busy. Whatever the reason is, gardening provides you with endless benefits. To learn about the top 5 benefits

3 Types Of Gardening

If you are a new gardener, you might be surprised to hear that there is more than one type of gardening. All these gardening types are important to know about, so that you can choose the one that suits you and your lifestyle the best!

5 Benefits Of Organic Gardening

Some people might not be aware that the benefits outweigh the cons of having an organic garden! The benefits of organic gardening can improve your health, lifestyle, and even the environment. As you strive to create your garden, it is important that you understand what

organic garden

3 Principles That Make A Garden Organic

Organic gardening has many titles including chemical-free gardening, earth-friendly gardening, and organic. As organic gardening can mean many things, you might think there are multiple principles to follow when creating an organic garden. The reality, however, is that there are 3 main principles that make

Spongy Moths Harm Humans

How Do Spongy Moths Harm Humans And How To Treat Wounds

In the month of May, spongy moths hatch and become caterpillars. During this time, they are usually 6 cm long! Once they are caterpillars, they will begin climbing trees and eating leaves, causing much damage to them. If you go on hikes through the woods,

The Best Way To Prevent Spongy Moths From Climbing Up Trees

The Best Way To Prevent Spongy Moths From Climbing Up Trees

Spongy moths (previously known as gypsy moths) can be a nuisance for your lawn and garden, especially in the springtime. The end of April is typically when spongy moth egg masses begin to hatch, and if you have not removed any egg masses that have

How do Gypsy Moths Hurt your Trees, and How Can you Prevent Them?

How do Gypsy Moths Hurt your Trees, and How Can you Prevent Them?

Do you have a garden but struggle with harmful pests? Maybe you’ve planted new trees and shrubs but they keep getting fed on. As the summer is approaching, gypsy moths will soon return to cause problems and harm your plants. But don’t fret! This blog

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