Winter Tree Care

You don’t have to be an Arboriculturist to be able to prevent your trees from harsh weather conditions. A little bit of awareness and involvement is enough to preserve our trees during harsh winters.

vole damage to lawn

My Lawn Looks Awful…So What Now?

So now that winter has passed, and all of the snow has melted, you come out to see the condition that your lawn is in… and it looks like a worn-out area rug you found in your grandparent’s basement. You try to make yourself feel

Lawn Preparation 101: Pull Yourself Together

For all the homeowners that are out there constantly procrastinating and putting off projects such as fixing that rotting deck, sealing that leaking eavestrough, or simply emptying the dishwasher, we’re looking at you! Yes, those elite procrastinators who are very good at their craft, although

Why Buy Fertilizer This Spring When You Can Use This Instead…?

Compost Tea… the hidden secret that has been kept from you for your entire life, and the great thing about it is it’s free to make (and who doesn’t love free stuff)! If you have been looking for another solution to your garden and lawn

Spring Products

Two Products That Will Surely Take a Load Off Of Your Body and Mind

If you tuned into my previous blog, you know about the potentially deadly consequences that can result from not washing your produce. If you missed it, I’d be slightly offended, but I’ll forgive you if you stop right now and read it! Click here  If

Wash your vegetables

Don’t Wash Your Veggies? You Might Be In For A Big Surprise

We’re all guilty of it. We pick out our vegetables from the grocery store, bring them home, and that extra step of washing the leafy greens always seems to escape our minds before combining all the ingredients in the final dish. You’ve always been told

benefits of spring lawn care

Three Facts You Didn’t Know About Spring Lawn Care

Spring is coming up fast whether you like it or not, and although you won’t admit that you want your lawn to look better than your neighbours (who somehow ALWAYS seems to have that perfect, luscious, and clean-cut grass), we know you secretly do. We’ve

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