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Since 1991, Environmental Factor has been pioneering natural lawn and garden solutions. From our leading beneficial nematodes for grub control, Grub Busters®, to our new Green it™ Corn Gluten Weed Preventers, we provide a complete range of lawn & garden products.

Environmental Factor has been at the forefront of creating natural lawn and garden solutions which are easy to use and work with nature to improve your green spaces. Today Environmental Factor offers lawn care products which are natural, safe for people, pets and the environment, whether for commercial or residential use.

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We place a heavy emphasis on research and development to make our products (And the world!) a better place. Click below to see some of our accomplishments and the latest news from the world of Bio-Tech!

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Whether you’re looking after a home garden or many farms, we have a variety of products for residential, commercial & agricultural applications. Click below to learn more!

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