Enviromental Factor


"Our company is an only Organic Lawn Care provider located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we have been using your Liquid Gold (Corn Gluten) since July of this year and happy to report the results are exceeding our clients expectations and ours. Customers are reporting a noticeable difference in as little as two weeks. Liquid Gold is an excellent addition to our Organic spray program and we will be adding it to the over 200 residential and commercial homes we spray in 2010.

Quality and truly Organic products like yours help companies like ours to flourish by providing a natural way for our clients to have what they refer to as Golf Course looking lawns.

Delivery of your products and your customer service team are simply outstanding, Best wishes and see you in 2010." - Andrew London, Owner of Oakridge Yard Care

"Personally and honestly I had low expectations going into the season, but have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  I found, as long as the conditions were perfect (proper drying period to wilt root of germinating weed) the results looked good and customer feed back was very positive." - Prestige Lawn Care, Barrie

"Your service was first class and the product worked well.  Team  answered all of our questions and were really attentive at calling back" - Trevor Williams, Toronto

"I’ve had many other lawn services over the years, but since I’ve hired Environmental Factor my lawn is dandelion free and looks better and greener than ever" - Florence Orr, Toronto
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