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Since 1991, Environmental Factor has been pioneering natural lawn and garden solutions. From our leading beneficial nematodes for grub control, Grub Busters®,  to our new Green it™ Corn Gluten Weed Preventers, we provide a complete range of organic lawn & garden products.

Environmental Factor has been at the forefront of creating natural lawn and garden solutions which are easy to use and work with nature to improve your green spaces. Today Environmental Factor offers organic lawn care products which are natural, safe for people, pets and the environment, whether for commercial or residential use.

Our Mission today is as it was in 1991 " To protect the earth one lawn at a time":
  • a trusted name in natural products for nearly 20 years
  • tried and tested products with extensive research
  • safe for people and pets, but gentle on the environment
What distinguishes us is a long history in research and development of 100% natural lawn care products, including innovations such as the first natural weed and feed, and easy to use natural grub control in sustainable packaging. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our extensive line of organic products that work in harmony with nature to grow beautiful lawns and gardens, while minimizing environmental impacts.

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